Part A: Introduction

Consultation process

How we communicated and engaged

The following tools and techniques were used to communicate the draft Long-term Plan – and capture feedback – from stakeholders and the wider community. The consultation ran from 13 March through to 17 April 2015.

Consultation documentTop

In accordance with amendments to the Local Government Act 2002, a ‘stand-alone’ consultation document was prepared that highlighted the major matters for consultation. This was made available online, in our libraries and in the Council service centre.

The draft Long-term Plan, activity statements and associated strategies and policies were made available on the Council’s website and at selected libraries in accordance with the requirements of legislation.

How we engagedTop

The Council engaged in the following ways with residents and ratepayers of Wellington:

All of these contributed to record number of interactions with residents and ratepayers.


The Council received 1,017 formal submissions – 597 by email, 232 online, and 188 through the mail, with a total of 6,961 individual comments recorded from those submissions across a wide variety of topics. The website had 12,872 visits from 7,568 people with 2,191 comments.

Oral hearings were carried out over a five-day period and 164 submitters were heard.