Part A: Introduction

Message from the Chief Executive

Chief Executive Kevin Lavery.

Now, more than ever, cities compete. They compete for investment and talent and the flow on benefits that those bring. In recent times, we haven’t been as competitive as we could in some areas, and this Long-term Plan addresses that.

The plan provides a basis for sound, sustainable growth of the city and will allow it to develop to its full potential.

Our growth agenda on which we consulted received strong support from the community, so we have a mandate for pushing on.

We’ve still got work to do, including more conversations with the community on the detail, but we’ve now set a course for growth. The challenge now is to implement our plan. We’ll be working closely with central government and the commercial sector to make these projects happen over the next 10 years – to ensure Wellington has a prosperous future and a quality of life to match.

We shouldn’t forget that in many areas Wellington is already world-leading and this plan reinforces our position in these areas. We’re putting extra money into events to reaffirm our status as the events capital and we’re further strengthening our environmental and social credentials because it’s the right thing to do and it’s what the community expects. We’re not cutting any of our services and in many areas we’re investing more and improving levels of service. This has been achieved within a very prudential financial envelope.

This 10-year plan is no ordinary council LTP. This one is unprecedented at Wellington City Council. It delivers mandatory core services – the environmental and social agenda – but it also includes a substantial economic investment programme. The Council has never before invested in the economy on this scale. The aim is to transform the city – and it will undoubtedly do that.

So I’m proud to deliver this bold plan to the people of Wellington.

Chief Executive Kevin Lavery signature.

Chief Executive