Part A: Introduction

Our role and responsibilities

Under the Local Government Act 2002, our purpose is to:

The Council is made up of 15 elected representatives – the mayor and 14 Councillors.

It’s their job to make bylaws, set the city’s overall strategic direction and approve budgets, policies and plans aimed at achieving that direction. Part of their role is to listen and take the pulse of the community before making decisions. The mayor and Councillors are supported in their role by two community boards.

The elected representatives are supported by the Council’s chief executive and officers, who provide advice, implement Council decisions, and look after the city’s day-to-day operations.

Our vision, role and activities

Our vision for the city Wellington Towards 2040: Smart Capital sets out our aim to grow and sustain Wellington as an inclusive place where talent wants to live. Our vision is supported by the community outcomes that set out our long-term goals and guide our activities (see page 20):

We provide core services to meet the needs of Wellington residents including:

We also provide services and initiatives to grow the city’s economy and enhance Wellingtonians quality of life.

Our work is structured around seven activity areas against which we measure our performance. They are:


Every three years, we publish a Long-term Plan setting out our intentions for the decade ahead – what we’ll do, how we’ll do it, how much we’ll spend, who will pay, the levels of service we’ll provide, and how we’ll measure the quality and effectiveness of our work. Our last Long-term Plan was adopted in June 2012.

In-between these Long-term Plans, we take a fresh look each year at our work programme, consider whether any changes are needed, and publish an annual plan setting out changes to the Long-term Plan.

Before we adopt Long-term Plans and annual plans, we seek Wellingtonians’ views. The consultation process we undertook for this plan and the key changes made as a result are outlined on page 8.

Every year, we publish an annual report, which sets out our performance against the Long-term Plan or annual plan for the year. Did we do all we said we’d do? Did we meet our budgets? Did we perform as expected? Did we contribute to improvements in the overall well-being of Wellington and its residents?

We are also required to produce a pre-election report before each local body election. This report summarises major projects planned for the following three years and financial information, including a statement that compares rates, rate increases, and borrowing with the quantified limits specified in our financial strategy.

These reports are made available on our website as well as through our libraries and service centres.