Part C: Our work in detail

Council Controlled Organisations

In order to achieve our objectives for Wellington we have established several companies and trusts. These organisations were set up to independently manage Council facilities, or to deliver significant services and undertake developments on behalf of the Wellington community. The following table explains what the organisations do and how their performance is measured.

Wellington Regional Stadium Trust

All of the trustees are jointly appointed by the Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC). 

As at 1 July 2015, they are John Shewan (Chair), Councillor Nigel Wilson (GWRC), Therese Walsh, Susan Elliott, Steven Fyfe, Mark McGuinness, Rachel Taulelei and Councillor Simon Marsh (WCC). 

The Chief Executive is Shane Harmon.
The Wellington Regional Stadium Trust owns, operates and maintains the Stadium as a high quality multi-purpose sporting and cultural venue. It provides facilities to be used for rugby, cricket and other sports codes, musical and cultural events, and other users including sponsors and event and fixture organisers. ​Operates the Stadium.

Manages the event programme and seeks opportunities to provide regular quality events.

Ensures the Stadium is provided to the community for appropriate usage.

Administers the Trust assets and the Stadium on a prudent commercial basis.
Number of events.

Total revenue.

Event revenue.

Net surplus.

Note: the Wellington Regional Stadium Trust is not formally defined as a Council Controlled Organisation. This plan for their activities is presented to recognise the interest that Wellington city ratepayers have in the Trust and its activities.

Wellington Regional Economic Development AgencyTop

WREDA is the new regional economic development agency for the lower North Island, combining the economic development activities of Wellington City Council and the Greater Wellington Regional Council into one organisation. 

The Wellington City Council is an 80% shareholder, and the Greater Wellington Regional Council is a 20% shareholder

As at 1 July 2015, the board members are Peter Biggs (Chair), Helen Anderson, Matt Clarke, Sarah Gibbs, Prof. Grant Guilford, Richard Laverty, Paul Mersi, Thomas Pippos and Lorraine Witten. 

The Chief Executive is Chris Whelan.
WREDA is a new economic development agency that brings together the region’s economic development agency (Grow Wellington) with existing city tourism (Positively Wellington Tourism) and venues (Positively Wellington Venues) agencies, and the Wellington City Council’s major events activities.

The benefits to the region of a single agency include: one voice, clearer focus, better use of resources, and improved scale and capacity.
Per the WREDA final SOI. Per the WREDA final SOI.

Wellington Museums TrustTop

All trustees are appointed by the Council.

As at 1 July 2015, they are Quentin Hay (Chair), Councillor Nicola Young, Jackie Lloyd, Rachel Farrant, and Jill Wilson.

The Chief Executive is Pat Stuart.
The Wellington Museums Trust (WMT) was established in 1995 to promote and manage the City Gallery Wellington, the Museum of Wellington City and Sea, the Colonial Cottage, Capital E, the Wellington Cable Car Museum, and the Carter Observatory.

WMT manages its facilities, establishes exhibition programmes and education policies for its facilities, and develops acquisition, deaccession and collection development policies for its collections and artefacts.
Deliver high quality experiences, events and exhibitions at its facilities.

Manage conservation and care for the objects of its collections, and conduct research and development to enhance visitors’ experiences.

Offer quality education experiences to children and young people.

Promote and protect the heritage of venues.

Work with national and international artists and collectors.
  • City Gallery 
  • Capital E 
  • Museum of Wellington 
  • Cable Car Museum 
  • Carter Observatory.
Subsidy per visitor.

Revenue per visitor.

Total ownership cost to Council.

Percentage of visitors who rate the quality of their experience as good or very good.

Percentage of visitors that are repeat visitors.

Wellington Cable Car LimitedTop

The Council is the 100% shareholder in this company and appoints all of the directors.

As at 1 July 2015, they are Council officers Anthony Wilson and Andy Matthews.

The Chief Executive is Simon Fleisher.
Wellington Cable Car Limited owns and operates the Cable Car.

It also owns and maintains the overhead wiring system for the trolley bus passenger network which services the city.
Maintain the cable cars and associated track, plant, tunnels, bridges and buildings in accordance with best engineering practice, and to meet the certification requirements of the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Market and manage the cable car passenger service operation.

Manage the contract for the inspection, maintenance and repair of the trolley bus overhead wiring system.
Cable car passenger numbers.

Cable car service reliability.

Percentage of users who rate the standard and operational reliability of the Cable Car as good or very good.

Net surplus.

Wellington Water LimitedTop

Wellington Water was established in September 2014 and was formed by the merger of Greater Wellington Regional Council’s water supply group with Capacity Infrastructure Services, which was owned by Hutt, Porirua, Upper Hutt and Wellington city councils. The five local authorities are joint and equal owners of Wellington Water. 

Each council owns its respective water, stormwater and wastewater assets and determines the level and standard of services to be provided to its customers and ratepayers. 

As at 1 July 2015, the Directors are John Strahl (Chair), Nicki Crauford, Ian Hutchings, Cynthia Brophy, David Wright and Raveen Jaduram.

The Chief Executive is Colin Crampton.
To manage the provision of water services (water supply, storm water and wastewater) to the residents and businesses in the areas served by its customers. 

Wellington Water’s shareholders are Wellington City Council, Hutt City Council, Porirua City Council, Upper Hutt City Council and the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

Provide high quality, safe and environmentally sustainable services to shareholding councils and other customers with a focus on contracted service delivery for the operation, maintenance and on-going development of drinking water, storm water and waste water assets and services, and asset management planning.
  • Provide a reliable water supply, wastewater and stormwater management service. 
  • Deliver budgeted capital expenditure projects for its shareholding councils. 
  • Deliver budgeted operating and maintenance activities for its shareholding councils. 
  • Comply with relevant standards, legislation and resource consents.  

Wellington Zoo TrustTop

The Wellington Zoo Trust was established on 1 July 2003 and all of the trustees are appointed by the Council.

As at 1 July 2015, they are Ross Martin (Chair), Frances Russell, Linda Meade, Raewyn Bleakley, Craig Ellison, and Councillor Sarah Free.

The Chief Executive is Karen Fifield.
The Wellington Zoo Trust manages the assets and operations of Wellington Zoo for the benefit of the residents of Wellington and visitors to the city. It promotes species conservation, educates the community by building an awareness of plant and animal species, and supports the conservation and educational activities of other organisations. Cares for resident animals and manages the animal collection.

Provides a high-quality visitor experience.

Participates in captive management breeding and breed-for-release programmes.

Develops and maintains high quality animal exhibits.

Delivers educational material and learning experiences.

Contributes to zoological, conservation and facilities management research projects.
Number of visitors.

Conservation Programme Managed Species (% of total collection).

Average WCC subsidy per visitor.

Total ownership cost to Council.

Average income per visitor.

Ratio of generated Trust income as % of WCC grant.

Basin Reserve TrustTop

There are four trustees, of whom two are appointed by the Council and two by Cricket Wellington.

As at 1 July 2015, the two trustees appointed by the Council are Councillor Paul Eagle and Sir John Anderson (Chair). The two trustees appointed by Cricket Wellington are Mike Horsley and John Greenwood.

The Chief Executive is Peter Clinton.
The Basin Reserve Trust manages and operates the Basin Reserve to continue to attract national and international sporting events to Wellington. Manages the Basin Reserve for recreational activities and the playing of cricket for the residents of Wellington.

Contributes to the events programme for Wellington.

Operates as a successful not-for profit undertaking.

Preserves and enhances the heritage value of the Basin Reserve.
Number of events:
  • Cricket
  • Other sports 
  • Community.
Number of event days:
  • Cricket 
  • Other sports 
  • Community.
Attendance figures

Lambton Harbour Management Limited (trading as Wellington Waterfront Limited)Top

The Council is the 100% shareholder in this company and appoints all of the directors.

As at 1 July 2015, they are council officers Kevin Lavery (chair), Derek Fry, Andy Matthews and Greg Orchard.

On 1 April 2014, the external Board of Wellington Waterfront Limited was disestablished.
Wellington Waterfront Limited holds the assets of the Wellington Waterfront project (as defined in the Wellington Harbour Board and Wellington City Council Vesting and Empowering Act 1987) as bare Trustee for the Council. Since 1 July 2014, Wellington Waterfront Limited has functioned as a holding company for Waterfront assets. Not Applicable.

On 30 June 2014 the Council terminated the management agreement with Wellington Waterfront Limited that appointed it as the implementation agency for the waterfront.